Monday, October 17, 2011

19th Navy Commanding Officer FIRED

From the Navy Times
CAPT Geisler, who relieved CAPT Hodge as CTF 53 at a change of command ceremony held at Commander, Sea Logistics Command Central Aviation Unit, Bahrain on January 9, 2011 was fired by VADM Mark Fox, Commander FIFTH Fleet.  Commodore Geisler had been in command for 10 months.  He is the 19th Navy Commanding Officer fired in 2011.

"Loss of confidence in his ability to lead" was cited as the reason for the firing.

CTF 53 is responsible for providing air and sea logistics support to the U.S. Navy in the Middle East. It also has tactical control of all combat logistics force ships, strategic sealift, special mission ships and logistics aircraft operating in theater, as well as the supporting shore-based infrastructure.

Commodore Geisler also served as Commander, Logistics Forces, U.S. Naval Forces Central. In this role, he was responsible for coordinating the air and sea delivery of personnel, mail, cargo, fuel, ammunition and provisions to a fleet of 40-plus U.S. and coalition ships operating in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility.  Captain Jesus Cantu has relieved Captain Geisler on a temporary basis until a permanent replacement is named.  CTF 53's motto is "We're All Over It".

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Gulf Daily News said...

Captain David Geisler was fired for public indecency following a house party at Amwaj Islands, according to an article in the Navy Times.

It stated the "hard-partying, hard-drinking commanding officer" reportedly attended a string of parties at the apartment last summer, where heavy drinking frequently led to indecency. The report said officers had been afraid to warn him or report his behaviour.

The worst incident allegedly happened on June 3 during a house warming party at a female officer's apartment in the Floating City attended by colleagues, friends and neighbours.

It got out of hand amid a heavy drinking session, which had begun during the day and continued well into the night, said the article.

As the party spilled from the host's patio and onto rafts in the canal, she stripped off her bikini, it stated. Another woman reportedly removed her top, while a man took off his pants.

The article said as the three flashers went skinny-dipping, Capt Geisler, who was responsible for supplying all naval assets within the Fifth Fleet, jumped in and joined them.