Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chief of Naval Operations enters the blogosphere


You can read his blog HERE. He's already got 325,087 active duty followers. Who can compete with that???


Anonymous said...

Best news I got today.

Anonymous said...

Chief of Naval Operations,

It has been a considerable length of time since the senior Officer in the Navy has laid out his priorities in a clear and understandable fashion, which met the Navy’s priorities as I understood them to be when I was an active duty Sailor. To be prepared to meet the current challenges of being a warfighter at all times, to build and maintain the proper fleet and to properly train, and assign the highest qualified personnel to priority commands. And to constantly remain focused on the three tenets that you outlined are ideal goals.

Very Respectfully,

chief torpedoman said...

Nice blog, but I put in a comment asking about when Holly Graf would be gone. My comment went into the great void. Wasn't PC, I guess.

Nice censorship CNO

Anonymous said...

Chief Torpedoman,

Perhaps the folks running the CNO's blog felt your statement didn't contribute to the purpose of his blog. You could direct your Graf comment to the Navy's senior JAG Corps officer.

Anonymous said...

If that is the case Anonymous at 10:17, why not refer the Chief to the proper authority to pose the question?
If censorship is the rule on his blog then I will not be reading his comments.