Friday, June 10, 2011

Vice Admiral Card - on the move around the Information Dominance Corps

CAPT Card as Lincoln CO
The Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (DCNO) for Information Dominance is already on the move at a blistering pace. VADM Kendall L. Card was confirmed by the Senate on 26 May 2011 and held a change of office with outgoing DCNO VADM Jack Dorsett on 1 June.  Today, he has responsibility for an Information Dominance Corps of more than 40,000 Navy civilians, Sailors, officers, and Chiefs.  Getting acquainted with a corps that large is going to take some time but VADM Card isn't wasting a minute. The second full day in the office found VADM Card meeting with his fellow N2N6 Flags and Senior Executive Service personnel. On Monday he visited NNWC to work on his IDWO qualifications and PQS at the executive level. On Tuesday, VADM Card checked in with CYBERFOR and NCTAMS LANT. On Thursday, he spent the day at ONI with Navy O6s and above intelligence officers and IS Master Chiefs. Wednesday was spent with Captain Don Darnell at NMITC.

He'll continue to make the rounds of the IDC and visit with ONI, Fleet Cyber Command/10th Fleet and NMOC at Stennis. He's also scheduled to visit the cryptologic training establishment at CID Corry Station in the coming month. On 17 June, he'll hold an offsite with his senior leaders. You immediately get an understanding of why folks say this is a helo guy who operates at jet speeds and altitudes. Feedback I'm getting tells me this is a guy who engages with folks at the deck plate level and really listens.

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N2N6 Guy said...

VADM Card is also qualified in the S-3A VIKING. He's much more than a helo pilot.