Saturday, June 25, 2011

Qualities of Admiral Chester Nimitz

The qualities of Admiral Chester Nimitz's character were apparent in his face, in his career, and in his heritage; combined, these factors made him precisely the man he was and placed him in this particular situation at this moment in history. 

He was not a cold man, or a bad tempered man — quite the contrary — to the world he presented a figure of almost total complacency; he seldom lost his temper or raised his voice.

It could be said that Admiral Ernest King was a driver who knew how to lead; it could also be said that Nimitz was a leader who conquered any personal urge to drive, and achieved his ends more by persuasion and inspiration to men under his command.

Edwin Palmer Hoyt


Anonymous said...

Button that left pocket right now Sailor! You as a fleet admiral will set and display the proper example at all times! Is that clear Mister?

Okay, just kidding. Anyone who actually addressed him like that would have been hung from a yard arm so fast that their head would spin just before the rope breaks their neck on the way down.

I did a paper on Nimitz in school and his life was quite interesting to research and read about.

Anonymous said...

From Potter's biography (paraphrased): On a trip back to San Francisco from Hawaii Nimitz' seaplane crashed while landing. After he'd been evacuated to a boat, he stood up to watch the rescue. The irritated coxswain yelled "sit down, you". After he realized who he was yelling at the coxswain tried to apologize, but Nimitz told him "Stick to your guns sailor. You were quite right".