Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NAVIOCOM Colorado Change of Command

Commander Nicholas Homan, 1810, will be relieved by CDR Jeffrey J. Jakuboski, 1830, coming from DNI OPNAV as Commanding Officer, Navy Information Operations Command Denver, Colorado on 1 July 2011.


Anonymous said...

1830? Are they opening senior 1830 billets to 1810's?

Mike said...

Yes, absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Mike - Yes, absolutely. is a bit strong. There are 1830 billets available for 1810's, but Command billets and N2/INTEL billets are not the same. I know we are all in the IDC together, but personally no N2/J2 billet will ever match command. Billet for billet the IW community loses out on this one.

Mike said...

1810s are in command of 2 intel centers now.

Steve said...

In the old days, (BC - "Before Cyberwarfare") as a 1610 I would have fought like a badger to command a FOSIF. A well-prepared cryppie could flourish in such a choice assignment where he/she had access a great cryptologic mission and an attached CSG, and also full-time relations with a fleet commander and his N2. Tons of Navy/Joint/even Combined visitors and a super mission to brief. Not as good as command at sea, but regs didn't allow.

Steve Myers

Anonymous said...


Someone posted a criticism and no one took exception to it being done anonymously?

Are you guys slipping?

(Couldn't resist.)