Sunday, June 12, 2011

RADM Card in the fight

In November 2008, USMC Lieutenant Colonel Andy Kostic, the commanding officer of the 26th MEU - Marine Expeditionary Unit's Battalion Landing Team 2/6, shows Rear Admiral Kendall Card, Expeditionary Strike Group 3, an 81mm round. The 26th MEU was deployed with the IWO JIMA Strike Group in the Persian Gulf supporting security and stability operations.

Now a Vice Admiral, Kendall Card is the second admiral to serve as Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance and the 64th Director of Naval Intelligence (N2N6) on the OPNAV staff.  He is a Naval Aviator qualified in the SH-3H SEA KING, SH-60F SEAHAWK, and the S-3A VIKING.  He was also the commanding officer of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN-72).

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Great war fighting example for the IDC.