Thursday, June 16, 2011

“Diriker’s Rule”

Simply put, there are two mindsets that will kill any organization; they are: 

"We’ve always done it that way,"


"We’ve never done it that way."


Anonymous said...

Don't forget: "NIH"....not invented here!

Anonymous said...


I despise those two phrases and have vowed to rid them from each command I am at.

My kids' Mom said...

This is good. I will borrow this from you for my blog. I hope you do not mind. Usually you do not...Tell me if you do. Thank you!


from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

There are times when the mindset has to, in fact, include those dreaded statements. If you have ever been to sea on an FBM Submarine the ship is operated in strict accord with the SORM (Standard Organization and Regulations Manual), the nuclear weapons are controlled in strict accord with the WORM (Weapons Organization and Regulations Manual), and things were always done that way.

Very Respectfully,