Monday, June 6, 2011

Honest Mistakes

"You must underwrite the honest mistakes of your subordinates if you wish to develop their initiative and experience."

General Bruce C. Clarke


Anonymous said...

I've made a few mistakes. Some are costly.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately a mistake no matter how small can now carry repercussions on par with a much more severe transgression. Office Hours/Captain’s Mast has now become a fatal event for many Sailors and consequently prevents Art 15 from being used as it should be … as an administrative procedure short of the severity and stigma of court martial. But the stigma that now surrounds Art 15 is such that I have seen issues that when I was enlisted would (and should) have ended up at NJP essentially swept under the rug to prevent a (semi) permanent blemish on a Sailor’s record.

I was NJP’d (twice) when I was enlisted, after the second NJP (for insubordinate conduct) less than a month later I was meritoriously promoted back to Cpl, the Maj that promoted me was the same one that conducted the NJP. The Company 1stSgt’s words when I was promoted were “you are a good Marine, you screwed up. Learn your lesson or you will be run out of the Corps”. I straightened up, got promoted a three more times, finished my degree and almost 16 years later I am a mid-grade Naval Officer. I have built upon that moment with the Maj and Company 1stSgt. Today however, I don’t think many if ANY Sailors would get that kind of a second chance.