Wednesday, June 8, 2011

IW Community Flag Offsite

Our Information Warfare Community Flag Officers will be having an offsite in July.  They'll be discussing 'community leader' transition and implementation of the 'Captains Council', among other things.  Everyone is reminded (as I was) that they are welcome to contact the 'community leader', or any of the IW community flag officers/SESs with any questions, recommendations, etc.

Our Flag/SES line-up:

RADM Michael A. Brown (DHS)
RADM Edward H. Deets III (retirement ceremony 5 August 2011) (NNWC)
RADM Michael S. Rogers (J2 JCS)
RDML William Leigher (FCC/C10F)
RDML Sean Filipowski (N2N6F3)
Captain Willie Metts (CYBERCOM J2)
Mr. Jerome Rapin (N2N6F3)
Mr. Mark Neighbors (N2N6)


Anonymous said...

Good stuff! Very curious about the Council of Captains. It is time to move the IW community forward after many years of turmoil!

Anonymous said...

When are we going to see something official and not have to read about IMPORTANT events on some informal blog?? I am tired of this crap.

Anonymous said...

A fourth team has developed an Advisory Council construct to work Community issues with the Community Leader and others. I have placed this draft plan into Flag review. The proposed council, led by a Captain, will consist of senior leaders from key organizations like Fleet Forces, PAC Fleet, 10th Fleet/Fleet Cyber Com, and OPNAV, among others. The council will report to the Community Leader and will stay directly connected with designated officer and enlisted leaders in key Navy and Joint positions. When needed, issues will be brought to a Community Flag Panel for review, further development, or decision. The Advisory Council will provide an end-of-month update to the Community Leader which will become the basis for a monthly communiqué to the Force to keep all informed and united.

RADM Deets - April 2011 communique