Monday, June 20, 2011

The Five Types of Multipliers and Diminishers - Liz Wiseman

There are many ways to stifle the creativity and smarts of your team, just as there are lots of ways to get the most out of people. To assess your leadership style, take the survey at

  • The Empire Builder
    • Hoards resources and underutilizes talent
  • The Tyrant
    • Creates a tense environment that suppresses people’s thinking and capabilities
  • The Know-It-All
    • Gives directives that demonstrate how much he or she knows
  • The Decision Maker
    • Makes centralized, abrupt decisions that confuse the organization
  • The Micro-manager
    • Drives results through his or her personal involvement
  • The Talent Magnet
    • Attracts talented people and uses them to their highest potential
  • The Liberator
    • Creates an intense environment that requires people’s best thinking and work
  • The Challenger
    • Defines an opportunity that causes people to stretch their thinking and behaviors
  • The Debate Maker
    • Drives sound decisions by cultivating rigorous debate among team members
  • The Investor
    • Gives other people ownership of results and invests in their success
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CWO4 Brian Ashpole, USN-Retired said...

Famous last words that are often heard: "I'm not a micro-manager." Everytime I hear it, I know better

Chris and Roberta Garvin said...

Count me in for the drawing...from an organizational standpoint, it's worth considering if we reward or encourage the kind of "diminishing" behavior described. Specifically, the empire-builder and decision-maker. And of course, a leader who sees himself as a "Liberator" may be seen by his people as a "Tyrant".

Mike said...

Chris Garvin,
Send me an address and I'll mail your book.

All the best

My kids' Mom said...

As always in your blog, how interesting to read about leadership. A favorite topic of mine. I am fortunate enought to have a Talant Magnet as my current boss. Creativity is flowing, let me tell ya..

From Sweden