Saturday, August 7, 2010

This institution

is about leadership,” he said. “To effectively lead, our midshipmen must engender the trust of those who follow them, and honor is at the core of building that trust. I’m confident that an ethical foundation must come first, and that will be our starting point while I’m here.”

Vice Admiral Mike Miller
upon assuming duties as Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy

3 August 2010

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Anonymous said...

The heroes of my Navy career mostly learned the trade and honor given to them at the Naval Academy, and other respected places where they were trained, and it is my hope they can avoid such things as happened in 1995 at the USNA. I do not speak too kindly of Navy Officers when they go astray, I realize that they are only human and subject to human error, but they should conduct themselves as if they were above the fray and present themselves as the epitome of leadership and example to those that are under their supervision. The average Bluejacket expects all Navy Officers to be super leaders, please do not let them down, whether you know it or not they can help save you in the worst of