Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If Coach John Wooden were the Skipper

The Skipper's Rules

-Never try and be better than your Shipmates. Instead, be the best Sailor you can be.

- Learn as much as you can from your Shipmates (especially from their mistakes so that you don't repeat them).

-Worry about things under your control (and know which things are under your control and which things are not).

-Never be late. (If you're not early; you're late)

-Be neat and clean in uniform and civilian clothes.

-Start and end work on time. Your Shipmates are counting on you. When the job is finished - knock off ship's work. Don't keep your Sailors around needlessly milling about.

-No profanity. (Swearing like a Sailor doesn't really impress anyone.) Ask Captain Graf.

-Never criticize a Shipmate in public.

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