Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Awaiting his fate - CDR Joe Nadeau - USS SHOUP collision with civilian vessel

Commander Nadeau is awaiting his fate as the Navy investigates the collision of USS SHOUP and a civilian vessel in the late night hours of 1 August 2010. He has been in command for nearly 9 months.

Commander Joe Nadeau
Commanding Officer

CDR Nadeau is from San Diego, California. In 1993 he obtained his commission through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of San Diego.

CDR Nadeau’s first sea tour was aboard USS THACH (FFG 43), forward deployed to Yokosuka, Japan, where he served as Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer and Navigator. His second Division Officer tour was aboard USS BLACKHAWK (MHC 58) as Operations Officer, where he had the distinct privilege of placing BLACKHAWK into commissioned service. Following his Division Officer tours, CDR Nadeau was ordered to NAVSPECWARCEN, where he acted as Safety and Environmental Officer. During this tour he also earned an MBA from National University.

As a Department Head, CDR Nadeau served in USS MILIUS (DDG 69), where he was both Weapons Officer and Combat Systems Officer. During these tours CDR Nadeau deployed to the Arabian Gulf in support of Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. After completing his tours in MILIUS, CDR Nadeau was ordered to COMNAVSURFOR Staff, where he acted as Combat Systems Officer and Maintenance Analyst. His last sea tour was aboard USS PINCKNEY (DDG 91) as Executive Officer.

Following his tour in PINCKNEY, CDR Nadeau reported to USTRANSCOM, where he served as a Sealift Planner and Executive Aide to Deputy Plans and Policy (J5/4). CDR Nadeau detached from USTRANSCOM July 2009, and assumed duties as Commanding Officer of USS SHOUP (DDG 86) on 19 December 2009.

POSTSCRIPT: Commander Nadeau did, in fact, survive the collision of USS SHOUP with the civilian vessel and continues to command USS SHOUP today.  By ALL accounts he is a superb skipper and a fine naval officer.


Anonymous said...

Gone by Friday.

Former DDG Skipper said...

Heads will be rolling soon.

Anonymous said...

Not to be contrary, but...

While not likely, it isn't exactly unheard of that CO's survive these events. A DDG in '06 got hit right about their starboard j-bar davit and the CO (not exactly sure how) survived.

Stranger things have happened.

Anonymous said...

I know the CO is where the buck stops but someone must not have been watching some kind of radar scope. I have met CDR Nadeau and I hope he survives.

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

You chose to generate “Chiefs, Anchor Up” and to this old Chief it looks like it is about time for you to provide that same type of advice in the form of “Commanding Officers, Anchor Up”.

Very Respectfully,

Anonymous said...

I have 30 yrs active navy and I've seen several CO's run agound or hit another vessel. Seems to me, only the carrier co's survive. Why is that????
I don't think the man has much of a chance..

Anonymous said...

I'm a 30yr retired navy officer and I've operated in those waters for years. It was 11:30 at night. Looks like the following:
1. OOD, JOOD and CICO plus others were in the process of assuming the mid-watch.
2. Off going were tired, on coming still groggy, all were in a hurry.
3. Captain was more than likely not on the bridge (not sure here).
NO ONE was REALLY paying attention!

Who's to blame? OOD and CICO
Who's to fault? CO
Who takes the rap? CO
Who SHOULD take the rap? CO

This is my take on this..

Anonymous said...

I'd hate to se him be relieved of his duties but someone could have been killed very easily. I know he is the CO but there are 379 other guys on the boat that could have helped prevent that. He has served his entire carrier to get too that position and it will be a shame if he is relieved.

PACNORWEST Sailor said...

Hearing that the CO is going to survive this !! Great news for our SHOUP Sailors !

Anonymous said...

I hope he survives i recently transfered and he was by far the best co the ship has ever had

Anonymous said...

After reading all your statements, CDR. Nadeau more than survived. He beat all odds to lead our ship on a very successful deployment. I will gladly serve with him again anywhere anytime.

Anchor Up!!!

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

Commander Nadeau did, in fact, survive the collision of USS SHOUP with the civilian vessel and continues to command USS SHOUP today.

By ALL accounts he is a superb skipper and a fine naval officer.

Anonymous said...

Coming from someone who was on the ship when this happened and is still on the ship. He did survive the collision and the aftermath, but lost his mind after all was said and done. The entire crew couldn't have been happier the day he left.