Sunday, August 8, 2010

Let's hope we never see this publication


"Guide to Command of gays, lesbian and homosexual Naval personnel"

Sadly, we have THIS in our Navy's history.

Hopefully, we will be able to simply treat these Sailors like Sailors.


Brian Ashpole said...

Concur with your concerns about an instruction.
I have no problem with Gays in the Military - what I have a problem with is the seeking of special status.
I'd have had to have my head in the sand if I said that I've never served with Gays. Some of whom I've led as their Division CPO and some as their DO/DH.
My biggest concern is with our Christian, Jewish, and Muslim chaplains. One would hope that they would not be shackled in their ability to minister and lead Military personnel. I know that my denomination (PCA) has had serious discussions on the ramification with regard to the chaplaincy.
I am a strong proponent of "equal protection under the law," however, I have a hard time with "special status."

Anonymous said...

As well, I have no problems with gays in the military...HOWEVER, will we see a new diversity plan to make them a part of the CNO's "listers," shooting them to the top of promotion list? I can see it now in the selection board tank: "This Sailor is Gay, Black, and Female! Press 100 NOW! Regardless of leadership ability"

Anonymous said...

I can hear the CNO now, "We haven't been fair to the gays, lesbians and homosexuals. We need to identify the best of our GLB officers and mentor them to the top. Our GLB enlisted Sailors must have GLB officers and Chiefs they can look up to as examples. Please identify the best of the GLB in your wardrooms and goatlockers and let's have a GLB symposium".

Concerned Sailor and parent of a Sailor said...

In view of recent CNO guidance on Sailor participation in social media commenting, I will keep my thoughts to myself, except to say "these people" including the transgenders don't have a place in my Navy or my daughter's Navy.

ParatrooperJJ said...

Yup, you are going to have a new block on OERs and NCOERs. You are going to have to participate in gay pride month, gay pride parades, and gay marriages. And you are going to have to decide which uniform they will wear, which berthing area they will live in, and which PT test trans-gender sailors take. Oh and don't forget the multiple courts-martial you will have to attend, due to sodomy still being illegal.