Monday, August 9, 2010

Open Letter to CMSgt of the Air Force (CMSAF) - "Wingman of the Air Force"

"Chief Roy, it isn’t our intent to criticize — but the truth is, most of us have no idea what you are accomplishing other than touring, glad-handing and giving speeches. We would like to know about your input, and impact on events, policies and programs. We read all the articles published on your activities but, frankly, they don’t tell us much. Would you consider an in-depth, “no fluff,” article that covers you and your efforts and accomplishments in making a difference in what concerns our Airmen? Many of the things you endeavor to do have a diminished effect if people don’t know about them. The enlisted want to see their “Chief” making a difference, as it motivates and inspires them."

Concerned Air Force Non-commissioned officers


Thankfully, our MCPON doesn't have this problem. Chief Roy could follow MCPON West's lead. Taking care of your people is the totality of your job. Sailors, Sailors, Sailors. Airmen, Airmen, Airmen. Marines, Marines, Marines. Soldiers, Soldiers, Soldiers. Single focal point. One thing and one thing only. There is nothing else.


Anonymous said...

AF TIMES (CRIMES) is just like NAVY CRIMES (TIMES) with this gutless attack on a respected senior leader of the Air Force. CMSAF Roy is doing the job he was asked to do by SECAF Donley. Who are these concerned AF NONCOMMS? Anonymous letters to the AF CRIMES is just plain gutless.

Anonymous said...

In short...the military (all Services) is in for a fast, hard, deep, and sweeping cut. I foresee alot (MORE) of the support billets being converted to civilian billets and the military simply being downsized to a group of conscripts...SECDEF had this vision of jointness a few years ago...CNO went with it...I am sure the bean counters are saying: "Why do we need the USA, USN, USMC, & USAF? Let's combine them all using a "LEAN SIX SIGMA" business model and save billions (WITH A B) of $?!!!!" It's coming people maybe not in 5yrs but I foresee it within 20!

Read this presentation from Dod of 22 July 2010 and tell me I am full of BS: