Sunday, August 15, 2010

Navy fires 12th Commanding Officer in 2010

Captain David Schnell (CO, USS PELELIU LHA-5) was relieved after an investigation into allegations that he displayed behavior toward a number of crew members that was "inappropriate, improper and unduly familiar,'' according to the San Diego Union-Tribune and the Navy Times.

Captain David Schnell was relieved of his duties by Vice Adm. Mark Fox, the commander of the 5th Fleet, and replaced by Captain Mark E. Cedrun, the chief of staff of Expeditionary Strike Group 3, pending the selection of a permanent new commander.

AGAIN, the webmaster has already removed the leadership page from the official USS PELELIU website.

Navy statement: “The decision to relieve Capt. Schnell comes as a result of an investigation into allegations that he acted in an unprofessional manner toward several crew members that was inappropriate, improper and unduly familiar.”

“The investigation results call into question Schnell’s ability to continue to effectively lead his command.”


YNC (SW/AW) Goldilocks said...

This Skipper is too nice

This Skipper is too mean.

This Skipper is just right.

WTF, can't the Navy figure out what the hell it wants in a Commanding Officer. Captain Schnell was as fine a CO as I have ever served under. His relief was just pure B.S.

SN Scuttlebutt said...

Homophobia found another victim. Hope everyone is happy.

Anonymous said...

Let's knot have a Holly Graf meltdown Shipmates. Nothing to see here. Move smartly about the ship.

Anonymous said...

the guy did the job. just a couple of underworked, overpaid, stateroom fornicating group of JO's exhibiting an "it's not fair" mentality felt empowered to whine and complain.

Anonymous said...

Can some official in the Navy state the actual reasons for Captain Schnell's firing rather than leaving people to speculate?

Susan Katz Keating said...

They won't state the reasons. But according to my sources, the JOs took care to fully document dates, times, circumstances, and assignations.

Anonymous said...

I served with CAPT Schnell on board USS Callaghan he was a groper then and will be forever, I almost retired with 19.5 years of service because of this officer, the rest is history, got off that ship and excelled, completed 30 years and retired as a CMC.

The NAVY Leadership got it right to relive him. Rob Hetland

Anonymous said...

I also served with capt schnell on board peleliu and I fit the exact description of what sources are calling capt schnell's prey. I will say I had more interaction with him than any other E5 and below on that ship both when he was XO and CO and he never once did anything to make me feel uncomfortable. He was a respectful man and a fine Naval Officer. His only downfall if you want to call it such is that he was very kind and caring to all of his sailors. I'll say I was at each and every NJP and XOI he ever processed and he was fair firm and impartial. He was the most approachable senior naval officer I've ever had the privelage to serve with.

The Navy made a wrong choice in reliving him.

Anonymous said...

As a gay man that served with him on the Tarawa I can tell you this was going on way back then (89/90). He was head of the OI division and had a gaggle of boys that he spent his time with during deployment. When we were back home (San Diego) it was a very open "Secret" that he was not only having a relationship with, but also living with a PO3 from our division.
This is nothing new but I think using his position to fulfill his sexual needs on his subordinates is completely inappropriate. I thought so then and still believe so now.