Monday, August 24, 2009

Worth Reading

This desktop guide is a user-friendly first stop for officer candidates and midshipmen seeking information as they transition to naval officers. It offers practical advice in the basic tenets of leadership, naval policy, etiquette, and personal and professional management. In a conversational style, Commander Kacher demystifies the new roles and responsibilities of young officers as they grapple with concepts very different from their experiences as enlisted sailors or college students. Useful insights from officers who have recently made the transition and advice from successful commanding officers are included. This manual also provides a concise overview of the U.S. Navy's history, along with a recommended reading list, and serves as a gateway to the many online and print assets available to new officers.

CDR Fred Kacher knows what he is talking about. He won the 2005 Admiral Elmo Zumwalt Award for visionary leadership. You can order your copy of his great book here. CDR Kacher is the Commanding Officer of USS Stockdale (DDG-106). Awesome CO, awesome ship, awesome Sailors. You can visit them here.

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