Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Competence Revisited

Competence is required of officers in a wide range of areas, but in the Naval service three main themes emerge. They are: being technically and tactically proficient (knowledge), being a leader of people (leadership), keeping standards high (set the example). These three areas encompass nearly all aspects of the Navy.

An officer who lacks competence in one of these areas can be in jeopardy and place others in jeopardy. If officers do not know the technical or tactical aspects of their jobs, there is a distinct possibility that lives will be lost in combat or in safety related mishaps. If officers can't lead their personnel effectively, lives can be lost. If they fail to set a proper example at any time, they risk having their subordinates believe the standards that have been set by the Navy or Commanding Officer "don't mean anything."

These risks are unacceptable, and therefore competence in these areas is MANDATORY.

Final Considerations for Naval Officers
Conclusion: Professionalism and Ethics

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