Friday, August 7, 2009

VADM Stockdale Leadership Award

Annually, two Naval officers (one from the Atlantic and one from the Pacific) are selected from a group of peer- nominated Commanding Officers below the grade of Captain who best exemplify the enduring inspirational leadership characteristics of VADM Stockdale. The award seeks to recognize those officers who best represent the five roles of leadership that VADM Stockdale exhibited himself.

Those roles are:

Commitment to a personal code of conduct which emphasizes strong moral ethics, courage, resolve, and humility as demonstrated by personal and professional service to members of the Naval service.

Ability to establish policy, which can be implemented and obeyed, and to make those hard decisions, based on the policy, in those difficult situations, which portend endless complications.


Example of self-discipline, sensitivity to others, and ability to place the major issues in proper prospective while creating the motivational command climate essential for job satisfaction and organizational pride.

Example of competence, proper regard for the rights of others, and personal commitment to the development and maintenance of accepted standards, unit loyalty, and esprit de corps.

Ability to reason, understand and explain the essence of reality and recognize the need for forethought in dealing with uncertainties.

Story about the VADM J.B. Stockdale Award winners here.

((The portrait was painted by Margaret Holland Sargent))

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

Vice Admiral Stockdale was indeed a unique leader of men and exemplified those values pointed to in your post. He made one mistake, in my opinion, that could have possibly changed the world from where we stand today. The Perot, Stockdale ticket in 1992 split the U. S. Conservative vote and allowed Bill Clinton to become President . President Clinton did not aggressively pursue Osama Bin Laden and we all know what the end result of that was.

Very Respectfully,