Thursday, August 20, 2009

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership - John Maxwell - The Law of Process

Leadership Develops Daily, Not in a Day

Spend your life building your leadership worth. It can’t be built in a day. The secret is found in your daily agenda. Leadership is complicated. It has many facets: respect, experience, emotional strength, people skills, discipline, vision, momentum, and timing – the list goes on. Leaders are learners. The learning process is ongoing, a result of self-discipline, and perseverance. Build each day on the previous day’s progress.

The four phases of leadership growth:

Phase 1I don’t know what I don’t know
- Try to think of yourself as a leader and then work to become one.

Phase 2
I know what I don’t know
- Recognize that you may not know what you need to know to lead effectively and start learning.

Phase 3
I grow and know and it starts to show
- Recognize your lack of skill and begin the daily discipline of personal growth in leadership.

Phase 4 I simply go because of what I know
- Your dedication to improving your leadership ability on a daily basis begins to pay off and your ability to lead becomes almost automatic.

No matter where you’re starting from in the leadership continuum, you can get better. It really is about daily preparation.

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Summary
John Maxwell


Coast Guard Officer said...

I am a CGO and I wanted to thank you for your blog.

I have found your insight on officership and leadership priceless. I also appreciate the "hard to find" leadership quotes you post. The quote by Admiral Mike Mullen from the June/July 2009 address is absolutely incredible and it's so refreshing to hear someone verbally recognize the value of young officers, regardless of service branch.

Thank you, and have a good one-

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

Many excellent leadership points by John Maxwell, and even though he picked McDonald’s as ending up with good leadership, he is out in left field, unfortunately. I have not been in a McDonald’s for over 30 years, mostly due to the ineptness of their employees and managers. Fast food has its own followership even if they lack leadership in today’s world, with our Grandchildren and Great Grand Children having a preference for that type of food. He has mistaken Capitalism for leadership, if one can not succeed in the fast food industry one will be unable to make it at all. I am not going to point out the examples of the fast food industry chains that are still in business after 40 and 50 years of mediocre to poor service and probably no real leadership.

Very Respectfully,