Saturday, August 8, 2009

Khaki Pants

From Hey, Shipwreck - Khaki Pants. With all Sailors in khaki now, Chiefs and officers will now be referred to as "khaki pants". No more, 'ask the Chief'; it's 'go ask khaki pants." That just can't be.


Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

One of the many reasons that Whitehats were motivated to make Chief was to be able to wear those khakis. It was a true badge of recognition for accomplishment, knowledge and leadership. Watch out Chief’s Mess you will be on the agenda to be phased out next.

Very Respectfully,

Rotorhead said...

I disagree. The E6 and below will never be mistaken for chiefs - if anything they get mistaken for marines, but that is passing as we all get used to it. I believe, and the enlisteds I work with agree, that they now look like military professionals, rather than prisoners. The motivation to earn one's anchors remains the same.
V/r RH

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

I was at the Air Force Memorial near the Navy Annex for a USAF 2nd Lieutenant's commissioning several weeks ago. The young man being commissioned had his Sailor brother (2nd Class Petty Officer dressed in the black and khaki uniform) there with his Mom. An old timer friend of mine was there. I could not convince my friend that the 2nd Class Petty Officer was in the United States Navy. "NO WAY!" was his reaction. It's going to take some getting used to. Being a former White Hat myself, and having entered the Navy when the Navy had just switched to ALL HANDS in Service Dress Blue - I have a STRONG attachment to the traditional "cracker jack" uniform which I never had the opportunity to wear. Things change - have to accept that.

Michael said...

Yep things change. I predict in my life time that I'll see the day when a promotion to E-7 is just that ... another promotion. Call me pessimistic, but that's the way it is in the other services and I see the Navy making movement in that direction.