Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Value System of the Naval Service

The Naval Service is rich in traditions and values such as loyalty, esprit de corps, and service to country. These are concepts that have made this country and the Naval Service what they are today.

Those in the Naval Service must be on guard to ensure the qualities necessary for their profession are not diminished. Their ethical responsibilities are unparalleled by those of any other profession; few individuals in other professions - if any - have the responsibility of the country or the lives of subordinates in their hands or are recognized by the public to be absolutely necessary. The Naval Service, no matter how you slice it, is clearly a profession, and as such must establish minimum standards of behavior.

In order for the Naval Service to contribute to the defense of the nation, individuals must have moral values. Human nature itself dictates this. BECAUSE PEOPLE COME FROM DIFFERENT CULTURES AND HAVE DIFFERENT VALUES, NAVAL LEADERS MUST INDOCTRINATE ALL PERSONNEL IN THE VALUE SYSTEM OF THE NAVAL SERVICE.

Where do ethics come from?
Final Considerations for Naval Officers

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