Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Curse of Loyalty

"Loyalty- Too often we place loyalty as the highest trait we demand of those that are part of our organizations. It is given the most significant measure or weight in how we judge individuals. Sometimes it becomes blind loyalty. It can push aside integrity, honesty, openness, the willingness to offer constructive criticism. It puts pressure on the organization when loyalty becomes the ultimate trait that is desired. I much prefer the blessing of integrity. Make that the priority. Because, if you demand integrity and honesty and you allow people to speak their minds, present their views, to always come from a position of honesty and integrity that is in their own code, I think they will value an organization that is led that way. The loyalty will follow. But, the reverse is not true." Or words to that effect.

General Anthony Zinni

Well said but hard to practice, even by the General.

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