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Information Warfare Community Overview

Community Overview:
Information Warfare (IW) is a Restricted Line community of approximately 1100 officers. IW officers are the Navy’s Information Warriors with expertise in all facets of Information Operations (IO), including traditional cryptology, Command and Control, Computer Network Operations and space systems.

IW officers create warfighting options for Fleet Commanders to fight and win in the information age. They deliver and operate reliable, secure and battle-ready global networks, and lead in development and integration of IO capabilities in the Fleet.

Guiding Principles:
(1) Warfare Competency: IW officers lead Navy IW missions by employing a thorough knowledge of the tenets of IO, sensor/weapons, national systems' capabilities and limitations, and how to optimally use them for “effects-based” warfare. IW officers develop tactics, techniques and procedures to realize tactical, strategic and advantages at sea and ashore.
(2) Leadership: Leadership is a core competency for all Navy Officers. IW officers are engaged , seize the initiative, motivate people, effectively apply resources and execute IW missions.
(3)Professional Expertise: IW officers require knowledge of engineering and technology (i.e. knowing how the signal or protocol was designed to function) and the human elements of adversaries through language and cultural awareness. They build expertise through a combination of formal education and experience gained through successive career milestone tours.
Training Pipeline:
New IW officers attend the IW Basic course for five weeks in Pensacola, Florida, and complete the IW Officer Qualification Program (IWOQP) JQR within 24 months of reporting to initial IW assignments.

Optimally, new IW officers are detailed to one of five National Security Agency Cryptologic Centers in Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, and Texas.

Special pay/bonuses. None.

Academic/professional expertise.
(1) Required. Baccalaureate degree, preferably in a technical field, along with completion of a full college calculus series (Calculus I and II) and a college level calculus based physics series (Physics I and II) with a minimum C+ average.
(2) Desired. Baccalaureate degree in Electrical Engineering, Information Warfare, or Computer Science.

Basic eligibility requirements: All candidates must be qualified for sea duty and eligible for a Top Secret/Special Access security clearance.

Accession Options.
(1) Direct Accession: The IW community is allocated direct accession officers from USNA, ROTC, OCS and STA-21 programs.
(2) Lateral Transfer and Redesignation: IW Officers are also accessed into the community from other designators via a bi-annual lateral transfer/redesignation board.
Career Path:
(1) IW officers serve in challenging operational billets of ever increasing scope and responsibility both at sea and ashore. The IW officer career path is designed to develop IW and Signals Intelligence competencies by interleaving sea, shore and educational tours. IW officers should be prepared for assignments to sea billets on Surface combatants (DDG, CG, CVN, LHD and LHA) as members of Strike Group Staffs and Joint Task Forces at every grade. Shore tours include assignments at NSA Cryptologic Centers, Navy Information Operations Commands that deliver critical operational support to Combatant Commanders, Navy, and Joint IW missions. Additionally, IW officers serve on major Navy and Joint staffs as well as command leadership opportunities around the globe.

(2) Advanced education: Postgraduate education is important to the success of IW officers. Many IW officers attend the Naval Postgraduate School to complete Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Information Warfare curriculums.

(3) Qualification. IW officers are required to complete the IWOQP and encouraged to complete warfare qualifications during fleet tours.

(4) Overseas duty. The IW community is well represented throughout the world from Europe to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Asia and the Middle East.

(5) Promotion opportunities. Promotion to LTJG and LT occur at 2 and 4 years of commissioned service respectively. The IW community is competitive with the Unrestricted Line (URL) communities for promotion to LCDR and higher. IW officers promote to LCDR between 9 and 10 years of commissioned service; to CDR between 15 and 16 years of commissioned service; and to CAPT at approximately 22 years of service. The IW community has three Flag Officers.
Point of Contact: Commander James Hagy, PERS-4410, DSN 882-4080, commercial (901) 874-4080, mail

From the NPC IW Website 08 20 09.

Info is slightly dated but mostly correct. Phone # should get you to Captain Will Metts, the current detailer. CDR Hagy was promoted to Captain and moved to NIOC Hawaii about a year ago.


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