Friday, December 12, 2014

VADM Jan E. Tighe - U.S. Fleet Cyber Command: Answering the Evolving Threat

While much is in the news about the national mission and U.S. Cyber Command, the military services’ roles in supporting CYBERCOM as well as their own forces is often less understood. Please join us for a discussion with VADM Tighe about the evolution of the Navy’s Fleet Cyber Command to support strategic and operational missions to overcome the challenges of increasingly advanced cyber threats. The discussion will cover a range of technical and organizational approaches being advanced, and how they aid in 10th Fleet's broad mission as the Navy’s operational authority for cyber, networks, cryptologic/signals intelligence, information operations, electronic warfare, and space capabilities.

YouTube Video is HERE.


Anonymous said...

I never understood why Admirals think they have to wear 10 rows of ribbons. Only the top three are of any significance - nearly everyone has all the rest too. Kind of looks like you're from the former Soviet Union or a banana republic.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 0833:

Nearly an hour of presentation, questions and answers and all you have is a comment about the number of ribbons she's wearing.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:16 AM

My ribbon comment was less directed at her than her colleagues. I will leave it to you to tell us how much you liked what she had to say. Which, by the way, you had the opportunity to do without criticizing my comment.

First impressions are what they are and I was struck by her need to wear every ribbon she's earned, however insignificant.

Gary O said...

We recently had LTG Cardon (ARCYBER) speak to us here at CGSC and was nice to see that both him and Admiral Tighe are trying to answer the same questions and have the same ideas on how to solve them. The services must come together and work as a team on the cyber front and seems like Navy and Army are on the same page at the senior level irt cyber way ahead.
Nobody in our class had any issues with how many ribbons LTG Cardon was wearing.

Anonymous said...

Three ribbons were good enough for 5 star general Ike.

Anonymous said...

ribbons, schmibbons. nothing to fuss about,

James L. Hammersla said...

Interesting goals / measures of effectiveness for FCC/JFHQ-Cyber that VADM Tighe brings up at about 10/11 minutes in:

1. Operate the Navy's networks as a warfighting platform.

2. Provide SIGINT to maritime & support commanders (packages, capability AND people.)

3. Deliver effects ISO warfighting objectives.

4. Create situational awareness of the status of Navy networks.

and an interesting quote: "whether we like it or not, cyberspace is an established warfighting domain."

Anonymous said...

I miss Wash Khakis.