Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This gem of a book is free - TAKING CHARGE by MGen Perry Smith

... "There is a reason why this is a valuable book: its messages jump out at the reader, not only because they are unmistakably authentic, coming from the mind of a man who has been there himself, but because they also come from the pen of a natural teacher. Perry Smith has a feel for what kind of questions will arise in the minds of his audience and answers them as he goes along. Major General Smith was a "teaching" Commandant of the National War College who could regularly be found in front of a classroom explaining complex things in simple, understandable terms to genuinely interested listeners. He is a master of the art of explanation, which means he is also a master of the art of teaching, which almost always means, as it does in this case, that he is a natural leader as well."

Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale

Link to the book is HERE.


Tommy Boy said...

Thanks for sharing this resource!

Mario Vulcano said...

Same here. Thank you!!