Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Standing of The Whole Is Essential

Character  and  standards  of  personal conduct  remain  of  highest  importance, as has always been true of military leaders. The effective naval officer of the present and future, like his brother of the past, must regard his commission as a career, not a mere job. He dedicates himself to the high ideals of military leadership.  Some who receive commissions, all being  human, will  prove  unequal to these standards (e.g. the 22 COs fired in 2011). There  have been a  few  unfortunate  events of  recent years, well  known  to most people, which  have weakened  the standing  of the  Armed  Forces in  the eyes of many people. To whatever extent this feeling persists, to that degree the security of the nation has been compromised. People will not entrust willingly their sons or husbands to military leadership, even in time of emergency or  war, unless  they have abundant faith in the character as well as the professional competence of the great mass of military leaders. The presence of a  few  names of  national  prominence  will not  alone  suffice. Ensigns  and  lieutenants  are  important,  as  captains  and  admirals  are  important.  The standing of the whole is essential. Enlisted  men  will not  willingly and  effectively train  or  fight if  they have doubts  where there should  be confidence.

From: The Naval Officer's Manual


Anonymous said...

Vice Admiral Branch

the system does not allow us to wick down. we get nothing but the bitter word.

a full year of investihating but nought to tell you. So long admiral.

Anonymous said...

With Branch they pissed it all away. He got a year of investigation when other Commanding Officers are relieved instantaneously at the mere hint or breath of a misdemeanor.
I wouldn't join this navy and I won't encourage my daughter or nephews too either.