Sunday, December 21, 2014

Joint Forces Headquarters - Chief of Staff

CAPT Chad F. Acey
Chief of Staff, Joint Forces Headquarters 

Captain Chad Francis Acey grew up in Federal Way, Washington, and entered the Navy as a Special Duty Officer (Cryptology) in 1989. He reported to US Fleet Cyber Command/Commander TENTH Fleet (FCC/C10F) in December 2013, serving as the Chief of Staff of the Joint Force Headquarters – Cyber FLTCYBER and responsible for command and control of Cyber Mission Force operational teams.

In his most recent assignment, CAPT Acey was a Senior Operations Officer (SOO) in the National Security Agency's National Security Operations Center (NSA NSOC), responsible for managing NSA's Global Cryptologic Enterprise. Prior to serving as NSOC SOO, CAPT Acey served as the Deputy of the NSOC Operations Staff, responsible for developing and implementing effective processes, procedures and capabilities to drive time sensitive mission management of the worldwide Cryptologic Enterprise.

Before reporting to NSOC, CAPT Acey served as the Deputy Director, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Strategic Actions Group, developing the Navy Service Chief's engagement plan with internal and external stakeholders, preparing him for annual Navy posture hearings before Congress, providing independent assessment on a myriad of concerns to Navy as a whole, and serving as his quick reaction team on any and all issues. CAPT Acey was specifically responsible for providing the CNO insight into all information-related issues (including SIGINT, Computer Network Operations, Electronic Warfare, Intelligence, and Networks) which assisted in CNO's decision to create a consolidated headquarters element (Deputy CNO for Information Dominance (N2/N6)) and Navy's Component Commander to USCYBERCOM (Fleet Cyber Command/10th Fleet). Prior to serving at the Pentagon, CAPT Acey served in multiple capacities with the Navy and in Operations at Menwith Hill Station, including serving as the Navy Commanding Officer and as the Deputy Chief of Mission Operations. CAPT Acey's operational Navy assignments include serving as the Cryptologic Resources Coordinator of NIMITZ (CVN 68) Strike Group, as Cryptologic and Electronic Warfare Officer for SPRUANCE (DD 963), and as Operations Watch Officer and Submarine Direct Support Element Division Officer while stationed in Misawa, Japan. Additionally, CAPT Acey served as a Contracting Officer's Technical Representative, focusing on Radio Frequency attack prototype development.

CAPT Acey earned an MS in Applied Physics (Space Systems Engineering Curriculum) from the Naval Postgraduate School in 1996. CAPT Acey's undergraduate degree is a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the US Naval Academy in 1989. He also graduated from the Joint Forces Staff College in 2002, the Navy Corporate Business Course in 2007, the National Security Space Institute Space 300 Course in 2008, and the Navy War College Seminar Program in 1999. CAPT Acey is a member of the Navy Acquisition Professional Community and the Navy Space Cadre and is qualified as both an Information Dominance Warfare Officer and as a Surface Warfare Officer.

From the FCC.NAVY.MIL website

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