Monday, December 29, 2014

Bush 41

My daughter and son-in-law gave me this great book for Christmas.  Many gems in this book completely unrelated to the politics of the Bush presidencies.  I was struck (again) by the importance placed on letter writing and journals.  The 90 year old Bush's memory is fading but his letter writing and daily journal entries saved the day and allowed Bush 43 to write a real nice story about his Dad. #43 says - "His lifelong collection of letters and diaries proved an invaluable resource."

I implore everyone reading this blog to write letters and keep a diary - if not for yourself - then for your progeny.


Dave McDonald said...

Yes- super book and an easy read. My Son got it for me for Christmas, and I've finished it. Great story about a great man. I recently read Gen McChrystal's book, "My Share of the Task," and I'm struck by some of the commonalities. Two intrinsically humble men with excellent instincts for developing and sustaining relationships. And of course both with an abiding sense of duty and patriotism, and a willingness to step up and do very difficult things. Also struck that both men probably played externalities rather haphazardly, and ended up with results neither of them deserved. Lessons for all of us in such books about such towering leaders. Regards and Aloha, Dave McD

An Old Sailor said...

I also received this book for Christmas and am reading it now. I've always admired 41 and feel fortunate I had the opportunity to shake his hand long ago when he was VP. Love his book, All the Best.