Saturday, May 4, 2013

There is no higher priority than to develop effective Navy leaders

The Chief of Naval Operations' promise to you on what you may expect from your leadership:

Our people are our most valuable and important strategic asset.

Furthering our advantage as the world’s finest Navy requires developing leaders who personify their moral obligation to the naval profession by upholding Navy Core Values and Navy Ethos; fulfill their obligations as leaders of character and integrity; and confidently exercise their authority and responsibility with a strong and abiding sense of accountability for their actions throughout a career of selfless service.

This is a tall order.  Are your leaders delivering on the CNO's promise?  If not, let him know.

The brochure is available HERE.

1 comment:

HMS Defiant said...

This is the same leadership that demands to breathalyze sailors who commit the crime of showing up to work in the morning?
The same leadership that randomly subjects the lower ranks to urinalysis tests whenever the whim strikes them?
This the same leadership that eagerly throws sailors under the buss whenever there is a call to reduce overall personnel numbers and not by holding a board or anything but just by screwing with the sailors hard enough that the smarter ones leave the service because they can read the handwriting on the wall?
That leadership?