Friday, May 17, 2013

Money is TIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!

R 161134Z MAY 13
RMKS/1. In the current fiscal environment, we have significantly reduced our rate of expenditure of appropriated funds to preserve mission essential operations. The following guidance is provided to ensure Commanders are diligent with our limited resources as we work through these budgetary challenges.
2. The authority to use appropriated funds to purchase command coins or other items for presentation such as plaques, ball caps, etc. is suspended until further notice. Previously purchased items may be distributed in accordance with existing policy.
3. This restriction does not apply to items purchased with personal funds or to the purchase of items with the use of official representation funds following appropriate review and approval.
4. I appreciate your continued support and will provide updated guidance as the situation warrants.
5. Vice Chief sends.//


Anonymous said...

Captain, I think less of a sign of the fiscal times, and more of a sign of the state of micro-management.
Evidently, the Vice has no confidence that a commanding officer can make logical, prioritized decisions in executing budget, so he is going to dictate to COs that he can't buy a 5 dollar ball cap or a 10 dollar command coin. But, the CO will be allowed to spend his own money.
Hey, admiral thanks for the guidance. I now feel self-synchronized.

NTTC Corry Wardroom Alum said...


And, SAILORS ARE OUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET. But...not worth the $2.35 command coin. We bought 100 for $300 which included the setup fee.


Anonymous said...

Please also limit your purchases of xerox paper.

Anonymous said...

And please be sure to spend your remaining budget like a drunken sailor during the 4th Qtr. If you don't, next years budget will only be smaller.

We'd hate to incentivize anyone to actually SAVE money.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's my Navy. But it is still embarassing.

Anonymous said...

It's truly a sad day to see this message on the streets. Whomever conceived of this new policy should be ashamed of him/herself. Have we really bred this level of leadership/management in the Navy that erodes the trust, responsibility, and confidence in Commanding Officers....sad...very sad...

My Kids' Mom said...

In Swedish it is called "dum-snåleri" which direct translation is "dumb-stingy", or a stupid way to save.
It entails going after the petty small things in order to save instead of taking a hard look the really big expenses that could be avoided.

At my former workplace where we were three women working in the local office of a medium size company, our new boss, who is a micro manager in a big way, removed the weekly fruit, consisting of a few apples, bananas, and oranges (that the company had provided to its' employees for free for years as a health initiative) when the company needed to save money, insteda of going after larger expenses.

In regards to command coins, I know that many CO's pay for them themselves already. At least a CO that I used to know very very well did.

In addition we hosted numerous dinners and luncheons at home for foreign officials, dignitaries, and other people who could be considered as "guests" of the United States Navy totally at our own expense.

A ball-cap, a plaque, or a Command Coin is worth more in diplomacy, good will, and enhancement of for ex. international relations than money ever can buy. A priceless gesture in other words. Just like the fruit was a gesture from the compant that the employees were appreciated.

I agree with Anonymous that it is a sign of micro-management, and you know what I think of micro managers.


Anneli Kershaw

Navy Grade 36 Bureaucrat said...

So we're allowed to waste billions in an acquisition system that needs to be reformed, as well as flag officer billets that need to be cut...and yet we're going to micromanage our Commanding Officers when they attempt to give out a 3 dollar coin to say "Good job!" to one of their sailors? It's one of the cheapest ways we have of saying thanks. So now the options are for COs to (1) Not do anything, (2) Use something different that requires more work (like an LOC), or (3) Use something like a spot-NAM, which potentially devalues the NAM.

Hopefully some of our COs will push back and say they can't host visiting flags because it costs the command too much. That would certainly send a strong message.

Anonymous said...

Sad day when we take away one of the most cost effective incitives for our Sailors. If our people truly are our most important asset, then why do we see things like government furloughs, no more command coins, etc. The decline must be stopped, but first leadership (Navy executive leadership in this case vice command COs) must recognize it for what it is, pettiness and incompetence.

Captain Obvious said...

The beginning of the beginning. Macro-economic tectonic plates shifting. Wasteful acquisitions from the Navy operator perspective represent thousands of high end manufacturing and contracting jobs, votes, political pork, and campaign contributions in a falling economy from the politician-admiral point of view. Whether the defense technology works well or is even required is a secondary consideration. They will ramp up another war to goose demand before they use the big austerity axe on the defense budget. The importers of coffee mugs, ball caps, and command coins don't sluice the juice to DC with quite the same effectiveness. War is good business, fellas, whatever else it may be.

Anonymous said...

I know that the copper or bronze coins are expensive. I think the CO could issue paper currency and achieve the same morale purposes. Give that Sailor a Navy $100 bill. He'll be delighted not to have that heavy coin in his pocket.