Thursday, May 9, 2013

How Does Your Skipper Measure Up?

From The Navy Leadership Development Outcomes Wheelbook

These Navy leader development outcomes are the baseline character attributes, behaviors, and skills expected of you as a Navy leader as the scope of your responsibility grows throughout your career. The outcomes build over time and are designed to be both inspirational and aspirational as you advance in the Navy.
Your commitment to attaining these outcomes will strengthen you as a leader of character and will enhance the mission effectiveness of our great Navy.  Now turn to.

The attributes the Navy expects from its O5/O6 Inspirational Leaders:
  • Is a gifted communicator who inspires a shared vision within the command, by providing purpose, direction, and motivation.
  • Embraces the authority, responsibility, and accountability of command with enthusiasm, selfless devotion, and total commitment to mission readiness and accomplishment.
  • Instills in his/her Sailors the warrior’s spirit and will to win.
  • Develops a positive command climate based on mutual trust, loyalty, and respect, resulting in unity of purpose and unparalleled esprit de corps.
  • Exercises discernment and acts boldly yet prudently in making sound decisions with due consideration of attendant risks.
  • Virtuous in habit, infusing Navy Core Values into the command culture; the moral arbiter for the command.
  • Is a self-aware, innovative critical thinker, and skilled joint warfighter.
  • Is effective in leading up tactfully, confidently, and with cooperative abilities.


Anonymous said...

Our CO does extremely well up to "moral arbiter for the command". I don't think he is self-aware, either.

Anonymous said...

More work to do to get to this level.

Hawaii JO said...

Our CO falls well left of the mark.