Sunday, May 5, 2013

I can not stress this enough

"Therefore, if you want to be part of the same forum for debate that led young officers like Lieutenant Ernest King to write, if you have a new idea or perspective, if you think you can make the case for that perspective, then I encourage you to write and submit to Proceedings.  Your idea might challenge or support conventional wisdom.  It might be something that no one has thought of – or has taken the time to pen.  It might be an idea on how the sea services improve processes, support people, or modify platforms.  Don’t be satisfied with what “might be.”   Write. Engage. Be part of the debate.  Start the debate."

LCDR Claude Berube
USNA History Professor
Chair of the Editorial Board of Naval Institute Proceedings. 

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Jim Murphy said...

Captain, I'm glad to see LCDR Berube make such a strong statement encouraging participation in Proceedings. Similar statements have been made by many people in the past, and it needs to be continually stressed. I've made similar statements which I've hoped would add to the argument of why members of the Sea Services should engage in existing debates, and start some of their own, specifically: