Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I thought the Chiefs were already doing this

With reports of sexual harassment and assault on the rise in the military, Master Chief Petty Officer of the (AW/NAC) Navy Mike Stevens is calling on all chief’s to take action.

“This is a call to arms and I’m going to issue every chief petty officer in the Navy a compass and tell them to get to work,” Stevens told Navy Times. “I’m not creating anything new here, but acting within the limits of of my authority as MCPON as I knew I could go to my chiefs and call them to action in wiping this from our ranks.” 

“I have spent a great deal of time reflecting on what the president and other leaders discussed during the meeting and what we as chief petty officers might be able to do to get to the left of this terrible issue,” he said in the message.

“This isn’t a high profile program and doesn’t cost a bunch of money,” he said. “This is good old fashioned Chief Petty Officer leadership. We are in this together. It is our duty." 

MCPON Mike Stevens

You can read the full NAVY Times article HERE.


Anonymous said...

CPOs are the problem at our command. What help is that?

Anonymous said...

yea I saw a lot of that too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous , As a CPO I will tell you that if the CPOs are the problem (or perceived to be the problem) at your command, address it with someone. That should never ever be the case at any command. As for the article, We are doing this, we have been doing this the whole time. I think the MCPON did this to publicly reaffirm the fact that we are and we will be doing it more.

CTR1 Board Elgible for CPO said...

Anon CPO at 6:59 AM on 23 May

It seems to be that if the MCPON says you need to get to the left of the problem then right now you are to the right of the problem. Over and over again we hear CPOs are "taking care of Sailors". Chief, it just doesn't seem like it to us whitehats. You take care of your pets and that is it. We've lost faith in you. Some of us (God willing and the creek don't rise as my Grammy used to same) will be joining the mess and will hope to clean some of it up.

CMC at sea said...

CTR1, I see struggles ahead for you if you are lucky enough to be selected. Going in with the mindset that you need to come and "clean up" the Mess is piss poor shipmate. All too often junior Sailors don't think Chiefs are "taking care of Sailors" unless they are giving them exactly what they want. Just because MCPON tells Chiefs to do this doesn't mean we are already doing it. If your CO tells you not to drink and drive tonight is that because you're doing it?