Thursday, May 9, 2013

Navy fires its NINTH Commanding Officer in 2013

Captain Timothy Rudderow, Commander, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group TWO, relieved Commander Michael Runkle as Commanding Officer, Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit TWO.

Captain Rudderow cited his "loss of confidence in Commander Runkle's ability to command" as the reason for firing him.

From Navy News:

"EODGRU 2 learned of MDSU 2 command climate concerns in January 2013 after discussions with MDSU 2 members. As a result of those discussions, a command climate survey was ordered in January. The MDSU 2 command climate survey confirmed morale issues and a lack of leadership involvement. Based on those results, EODGRU 2 took administrative actions to correct the identified deficiencies.

As a result of a diving accident in February in which two Sailors drowned, EODGRU 2 convened a command investigation. That investigation brought to light continued command climate weaknesses. Additionally, the investigation revealed safety concerns that were not previously known. The safety issues identified in the EODGRU 2 command investigation were contributing factors in the decision to relieve Runkle."


Former NIOC CO said...

One can only wonder what earlier action by the ISIC might have prevented.

The Navy seems to finally be ready to deal with poison command climates. COs can lead without being abusive in any way.

Mike - Look at the attributes of O5/O6 leaders in your earlier post. We need leaders like that. I think command screening boards like the one Bryan Lopez sat on last month will help. When people have to sign up to saying someone is command qualified, they will pay more attention. Putting your name to something has a value all its own.

Anonymous said...

I read that the CO had taken command only a few months earlier than the incident.