Monday, May 13, 2013

Navy Promotion System & Selection Boards

Officers must have confidence in the promotion system or discipline will be jeopardized. Unless the best officers are promoted, faith of other officers and enlisted men in the integrity of the system will be shaken. It is essential that officers be promoted who will be best qualified to lead in battle.

They must have other qualifications, such as good administrative and technical ability and a wide array of knowledge also, but the rest of the Navy must have absolute confidence in those selected. Should the less qualified personnel be selected, there will come a time in battle in which the Navy will fail because of its leadership. Like begets like (e.g., ducks pick ducks), and inadequate personnel, once they have moved up sufficiently to be on a selection board, will themselves be apt to select other inadequate personnel.

Admiral Arleigh A. Burke
Chief of Naval Operations

Interesting article/post from CDR Michael Junge (former CO USS Whidbey Island) on Flag Officer Selection - WHAT DOES A DUCK LOOK LIKE? - Naval Flag Officers In 2002.


Anonymous said...

The linked image includes some ironic grammar. Best and brightest, eh?

Anonymous said...

Those are some harsh words from one of our very best Admirals.

Sean Heritage said...

Great work, Captain Junge!

Bryan Lopez said...

Mike, a great article well worth reading. Thanks for sharing.