Thursday, March 15, 2012

With All Due Respect...back in the day

Excuses for failure or negligence are always unacceptable. Officers should assume responsibility and not depend on alibis. If at fault, they should freely accept blame. Bootlicking, a deliberate courting of a person for favor, is despised. Seniors may temporarily mistake such tactics for a sincere desire to please and to do a good job. However, through long experience with such behavior, they in time recognize this false sincerity. However, junior officers must make a genuine effort to be friendly and cooperative to succeed. 

Persons with a continued willingness to undertake any task assigned and perform it cheerfully and efficiently eventually gain a reputation for dependability. They also ensure their popularity with fellow officers. Continued complaining has the opposite effect. The satisfaction of having done a good job should be sufficient reward in itself. The junior officer should not report each personal or divisional accomplishment to the senior officer. Of course a report that is required must be made, but work well done generally reaches the attention of superiors.

The conduct of members of the service must be above criticism. The Navy is often judged by the appearance and behavior of its personnel. Officers should carefully consider all undertakings and projects in advance and make all preparations necessary to their success well in advance. Officers should be capable of thinking ahead and making intelligent plans; they must always strive to demonstrate that they are entitled to the grade they hold. One of the best things a senior officer can say about juniors is that when given a job, they can always be depended upon for satisfactory results.



Anonymous said...

Sound advice in 1942. Still sound advice in 2012. What wisdom have we gained in the past 70 years? The revelation that otherwise good men and women are human and make mistakes. One's willingness to take responsibility for those mistakes is the difference maker. Today, people want to place the blame everywhere except with the responsible party. That, sir, is a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of "superiors". You may be my "senior" but you are not my "superior" - GenX

Anonymous said...

Gen X,
Back in your box. They are your seniors and superiors. Gen X carries no special status in the Navy. Name yourself and I can promise you, I am your superior !!