Friday, March 23, 2012

MCPON West on Hazing

Our men and women are tremendously dedicated to our Nation and our Navy: They make many sacrifices. No matter where they are in the world, or what they do for our great Navy, their contributions to the country’s Maritime Strategy are impressive. Today’s Sailors are the best ever, performing their missions with distinction and integrity. I am very proud to be their shipmate. We owe them a positive environment that fosters equitable opportunity for success based on proven merit, professionalism, and mutual respect.
It is the responsibility of every Sailor, and leadership in particular, to ensure that we are creating a climate of inclusion, where every member of the team believes his or her views, skills and dedication are valued. Consequently, every man and woman serving in our Navy, from the most junior seaman to the most senior admiral, has an obligation to abide by regulations and to make the appropriate authorities aware of any conduct that runs counter to organizational excellence and the fair treatment of all: This unequivocally includes hazing. No commander, no Chief Petty Officer, no Sailor may condone or ignore hazing in his or her unit.

From MCPON West's congressional testimony before the House Armed Services Committee on 22 March 2012.  His entire prepared statement is HERE.

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