Saturday, March 10, 2012

700,000 visitors

Pause and reflect.  1751 posts; 4143 comments and 1,689,018 page views.

Thanks very much for stopping by and sharing your opinions.


Jim Murphy said...

Pretty impressive numbers. Congratulations!


Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

It's difficult to quantify the # as a metric of any value but it is the only one I have. The commenters are the ones who add the value to any blog. Thanks for yours.

Anonymous said...

CAPT, love your blog up here in WA. You might want to re-examine your numbers. Your 700,000 page counter clicks up with every pageload. When I go to a new page it clicks up too. So it is not unique visitors, or even visitors, but pageloads. It is strange that I get more good info here than I get from my 1830 mentors. VR/AFI

Anonymous said...

Oh I am sure the Captain's visitors are all 'unique', just like the rest of us.

Matt Cegelske said...


I've enjoyed your blog for several years now and can proudly say that I'm part of those 700,000 page views. You were part of the inspiration for starting my own (mattcegelske(dot)com) and I've learned quite a bit about several things you mentioned.

I found a neat widget you might like to provide you more fidelity in real time (beyond Google Analytics). It's called and you can see the widget at the bottom of my page. It will provide you some insight into how many people are on your sight at a specific moment and show you maps of their location.

I was very saddened to hear about the loss of your blogging counterpart and partner.

Thanks again and keep the great stuff coming.

VR/Matt Cegelske