Thursday, March 22, 2012

Navy Vision for Information Dominance

The promise of future strategic and operational capabilities arising out of information dominance and decision superiority is profound. The U.S. Navy stands on the cusp of a transformational revolution no less important to our warfighting preeminence than the transition from sail to steam, from battleships to carrier aviations, from fossil fuels to the introduction of nuclear power. The implications for our force structure and the operational employment of information-centric warfighting capabilities are equally profound, spanning all current mission areas. The Chief of Naval Operations has set a clear course for realigning Navy organizations to operationalize cyberspace and information operations by establishing FLTCYBERCOM/TENTHFLT and reorganizing the OPNAV Staff to achieve integration and to foster innovation. Information-centric functional integration, innovation and an end-to-end approach to development of unmanned and autonomous systems will deliver warfighting dominance across all domains. Our follow on strategy and roadmap will guide requirements, architecture and the procurement plan to attain Information Age operational capabilities.
Our job is simple:  deliver on the promise.


Anonymous said...

Mike, still taking the drugs, I see. I guess the Kool-Aid wasn't enough for you.

Aut said...

And though the split makes sense on paper.. I have to wonder how well it will work IRL.. I also still think the NIOC kids should be going to sea and learning military bearing and getting some sea time under them BEFORE A school..