Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Thinkers50

The Thinkers50 has established 10 criteria by which thinkers are evaluated --
  1. originality of ideas; 
  2. practicality of ideas; 
  3. presentation style; 
  4. written communication; 
  5. loyalty of followers; 
  6. business sense; 
  7. international outlook; 
  8. rigor of research; 
  9. impact of ideas and 
  10. the elusive guru factor.
Who are the Navy's top 10 thinkers?  Essential to getting on any list of thinkers is a willingness to share one's thoughts.  ((Help me fill in the gaps and add/remove thinkers from this list.))  
  1.  Admiral James R. Stavridis
  2. Admiral John Harvey
  3. Commander Michael Junge
  4. Commander Robb Chadwick
  5. ?
  6. Captain Jerry Hendrix
  7. ?
  8. YN2(SW) Lucien Gauthier
  9. LCDR BJ Armstrong
  10. CDR Heidi Berg
Who are the Information Warfare Community's top 10 thinkers?  Not many folks have the confidence/platform/desire to share their views with the broader IW community and attach their name to it.

I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.  Funny thing about thinkers - the good ones share their thoughts - the great ones get followers to turn those thoughts into action and results.


Justin Rogers ENS, USN (1170) said...

Captain Lambert,

In no particular order:
1. LCDR Todd Nethercott - Nuclear OCM
2. RDML J.R. Haley - Strike Group FIVE - a true servant leader
3. CAPT Bob Clark - USNA Dant
4. CDR Sean Heritage - NIOC Pensacola
6. LT Ryan Johnson - PDH, NNPTC instructor (1120)
7. VADM John Richardson - SubFor, we are driving into the future with him!
8. YNCS Lesa Geddes - Senior Enlisted Advisor to Strike Group Three - inspiring!
9. ENS Mike Wallace - 1st LT USS Princeton
10. RDML(s) Mike Smith - N51

Anonymous said...

Admiral William H. McRaven

SJBill said...

I half-know YN2 Gauthier, and he is a great thinker.

This said, why is he still a YN2?

Anonymous said...

Who are the Information Warfare Community's top 10 thinkers?

Captain Tim White
Captain Stephen Parode
Commander Sean Heritage
Ensign Dave Schroeder name just a few.

Jim Murphy said...

I agree with the Ensign (not sure I've ever uttered those words before)...

CDR SEAN HERITAGE is definitely on that list.

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...


I agree with you. You're on that list also !!

I appreciate every article you write for PROCEEDINGS.

All I can say is, "write more"!

Anonymous said...

Admiral McFarland

Anonymous said...

CAPT Wayne Porter
CDR Dave Adams

Anonymous said...

CAPT Wayne Porter
CDR Dave Adams

Anonymous said...

CAPT Wayne Porter
CDR Dave Adams
VADM Frank Pandolphe

Jim Murphy said...

Captain, that means a lot. Thank you very much and I intend to keep writing (although I'm considering somewhat of a break while I (possibly) further my education).

In about 8 weeks look for the first book to which I've had the honor of contributing a chapter (ch. 5), "Everyday Leader Heroes" by Rich Schuttler, Ph.D., retired LDO LT and former CTRC. Facebook fan page and info at the hyperlink in my name here.

Thanks again and V/R,

Anonymous said...

That criteria makes it tough and it's not surprising that so few of the names are coming from the IW Community. Many great critics, few great thinkers, fewer great doers, and even less great communicators. If we continue to emulate what we see, we'll never populate that list. Time to break the cycle. Think, do, communicate!

Sean Heritage said...

Thank you for the kind words, Captain, Murph, and Justin! As per your examples, what we do with our 20% time can and will make a difference. There is great power in "Side Projects".

LCDRLDO/6440 said...

I need to think about this.

LCDRLDO/6440 said...

Still thinking.

Phil Scott said...

LCDR John Hill - OPNAV N2/N6

Anonymous said...

For me it's the ones who would never expect to be on this list, and are not only great thinkers but place others in front of themselves (in not particular order), without any want or need for the limelight.

1. CDR Mike Elliot
2. CDR Chris Agar
3. CAPT Tim White
4. CAPT Brian Lopez
5. CAPT John Watkins
7. CAPT Justin Kershaw
8. VADM Mike Rodgers

March 11, 2012 12:05 AM

Anonymous said...

# 6 was CDR Heidi Berg, wasn't it?

SOC said...

How is Captain Carder not on this list? Or Kevin Hooley and Forbes from the CNO's Strategic Studies group.

Anonymous said...

Recommend # 7 (CAPT Kershaw) be removed from the list for not meeting any of the criteria...

Anonymous said...

The most disturbing part of this list, is that apparently, you all believe that less than 1% of the Navy's greatest thinkers are women. You may want to reevaluate. We take up more than half of the general population and women also make up a vast portion of intel. Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:06 AM 15 Feb

Can you point to where those women are sharing their thoughts? Can you point to articles published in professional journals? Can you name the women you think should be added to this list? What are you doing to ensure their thoughts/activities are shared?