Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How Generals Respond

How does an O-10 General Officer respond to an O-6 Navy Captain when the Captain offers constructive criticism?  Just the way you would expect the O-10 to respond - with promptness and alacrity.  When I told General Stan McChrystal recently that I loved his McChrystal Group website but thought that his presence on YouTube could be improved, he said "Thanks" and they were doing just that - IMPROVING!  The General has some awesome leadership tips on YouTube and his group plans to add many more.  You can check out his leadership tips HERE.  This group has their 'stuff' in one sock.


Anonymous said...

Army Strong !

The General is a class act from beginning to end. A real American patriot.

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I would say that General McChrystal is an excellent instructor, he did not have to depend on anything to prompt him as to what to do or say in his presentation. He knew what he was going to say before he said it. It is evident that he studied his material well before presentation. I liked the way he moved around at times and the gestures he used added to his presentation and were not distracting. The folks attending these lectures should be seen by the instructor, that face to face experience would give him some insight as to their understanding of what he is trying to get across to them. He should present a more formal appearance during his lecture, these are not mess cooks he is talking to. Every lecture should begin with an introduction of himself, followed by what you should be expected to learn from this presentation. These are the objectives of the lesson, if you will, it is imperative to have the student understand what it is they will be learning.

General McChrystal only seems to have attracted 31 individuals to his group since April of this year. Unfortunately the business world is mostly civilians and their typical idea of leadership is to have their number one man and his hired minions keep all problems to a minimum so the leaders can play golf, enjoy their high position, and let others do and make the decisions. There should be a great number of former military officers in the business world today, but maybe they are in homeless shelters and walking the streets with the economic conditions being as they are. The Generals attitude is great and is a needed injection in the business world, if they would only accept what they could gain from what he offers.

It speaks well of the General when he will readily accept advice from a junior. He is a good man and I wish him the best of luck in his efforts.