Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And the Master Chief's First Question Was...

"Captain, how does this help our Sailors accomplish the mission?"

Word to the wise - always be ready to answer this question.  It is not always an easy answer.


Your Liberal Buddy said...

“Well, with “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” abolished, I now have no interest in the military whatsoever.”

Anonymous said...

How does your comment add anything to this post? Keep your comments in line with the subject at hand. That being said, everyone should be asking themselves the question posed here - too often we enact reactive policies that hinder mission or morale instead of dealing with root problems.

CWO4 Brian Ashpole, USN-Retired said...

A few years ago, I was discussign with an Army buddy of mine the "because it has always been done that way" mentality of some our peers (and seniors).
He related a story concerning the posting of a guard at the Fort Monroe Army base's gazebo.
When someone asked the question as to what the purpose for the guard was, the answer was "that's the way it's always been."
It turns out that after investigating the matter, the original posting of the guard was because the gazebo had just been painted and they didn't want anyone messing up the paint.

Anonymous said...

CWO4 Brian Ashpole,

Your absolutely right to rail against “because that is the way it has always been”, but by the same token to change things just for change’s sake is just as bad. When we think about honor and tradition, which I do believe, is, and should always be part of a Military Persons life, we find that much of that honor and tradition is “because that is the way it has always been”.

Very Respectfully,

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

Having been that Master Chief, not that exact same one mind you, but one that probably had a very similar outlook on the Navy and the leadership required to make that Navy function as it should for the maximum benefit to our country, the Navy and the individuals that make up that Navy. That same Master Chief should have also been asking the Sailors “what can be done to help you in accomplishing the ships or the Navy’s mission?”

Very Respectfully,