Saturday, November 26, 2011

Admiral Malley's TEN Rules

VADM Ken Malley (Ret.) was Commander Naval Sea Systems Command and Director, Strategic Systems Programs.

1. Always tell the truth. And when the news is bad, tell it in a hurry.

2. Never bet your program on technology that exists only on a viewgraph.

3. Never shoot the messenger.

4. Do what is right for the program and the organization.

5. Never accept a task or job (or propose one) without the proper resources to accomplish same.

6. No matter what you think of your boss (or customer), if he or she does not end up being a hero, neither do you.

7. Your people have feelings, too. Treat them accordingly.

8. Your family deserves some of your time.

9. Have fun. If you are not having fun (frustration and fun can be one and the same), seek another line of employment.

10. Don’t ever let your emotions take charge. Do allow yourself to get upset once every two or three years—then pick your target carefully and fire for effect.


Steve said...

ADM Rickover has the Last Word:

- Know your job,

- Know your peoples' jobs,

- Check the work,

- Be consistent,

- Take risks.

(From USNI article of MANY years ago.)

Steve Myers

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I never read the Gestapo oath, but I expect it existed. I saw nothing in these ten rules that stated the objectives of the organization should have ethically principled objectives.

Very Respectfully,