Sunday, November 6, 2011

Developing Senior Navy Leaders

The array of expertise required to be a successful leader in the U.S. Navy has become more complex. To be a successful Navy leader, it is no longer sufficient to be skilled only at surface, submarine, or air warfare. Additional kinds of expertise are needed to lead and manage the Navy of today and the Navy of the future. Furthermore, like its sister services, the Navy also has a large and distinct core of senior civilian leaders that continues to provide a broad array of in-depth business skills, as well as the continuity and stability of senior leadership.

We examined the Navy’s structure, its force development, its doctrinal documents, and its technology acquisitions for the past decade and the next decade to forecast how the demand for domain-specific expertise may change in the future. The areas of domain-specific expertise with the strongest evidence of increasing future importance to the Navy are:
  •  Information Warfare
  •  Information Operations
  •  Information Technology
  •  Surface Warfare
  •  Submarine Warfare
  •  Special Warfare
  •  Expeditionary Warfare
  •  Intelligence
  •  Logistics and Readiness
  •  Anti-Submarine Warfare
  •  Littoral Warfare
  •  Sea Basing
From the RAND Sjtudy: Developing Senior Navy Leaders - Requirements for Flag Officer
Expertise Today and in the Future


Anonymous said...

Following that list, we should have IDC 3-stars running operational (URL) commands, instead of the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they use the list when determining who gets a bonus?

Steve said...

Cheez! If I aspired to flying anything other than a UAV, I would go looking at Air Trans, or Southwest. Also hope the study generating all the prognostication was paid for in pre-FY08 dollars.

Per the list, the closest doctrinal arena to aviation would seem to be ASW. Maybe blimps will re-emerge in he Fleet and, like birds replacing dinosaurs, will use their on-scene linger time to make any Type VI (?)nuke skipper tear his hair out.

While we're at it, might as well reactivate IOWA (once again)and send her to Madagascar to slug it out with Somali Pirates. A CTU comprised of BB61 and the UDALOY ADMIRAL CHELYABIN is an intriguing, cost-effective idea - no? Even a cigarette boat's driver will be surprised to see 45000T of armor belt gaining on him at 30+ knots.

I rather think that redistro and peace in our time will take us back to DBF, anyway....

(Wonder ifn the JSF is a suitable airframe for crop dusting?)

r, Steve