Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Do the right thing. I know it's hard sometimes. Do it anyway.

Your shipmates are counting on you.


Jim Murphy said...

'Do the right thing' is which part of our Navy Core Values; Honor, Courage, or Commitment?

Oh that's right...ALL THREE!

The problem which causes a lot of conflict is we (generally speaking) don't always agree on which action or decision is the right thing. We just have to hope that we - each of us individually and as an organization collectively - can agree on which action or decision is the wrong thing and avoid it.

Curtis said...

Some of us don't agree and never will. Ever.

When I read about the US Army taking a commander to court martial for taking parts off another unit's deadlined trucks left behind that failed to cross the line of departure in ODS, they jumped the shark. The trucks were clearly no use to the departed owning unit and would help his unit get more combat power over the line of departure and nobody would miss them except...those with very very odd values. Logistics types perhaps. Legal types perhaps, idiots.