Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sound familiar??

Electronic systems PMS has been foisted on the fleet without proper shore support and without appropriate technical staffing.  Now the commanders are leaning on the Sailors for not making the system work.  The current level of high-command attention cannot be sustained indefinitely, yet even with this much attention the problem is not being solved.  basic changes in the philosophy of shore support must be made to correct the situation.

It's rare for the CO to show any interest whatsoever in maintenance men except when a system is down and then only in the light of his irritability over the loss of the system.  The operator task has the glamor.

From "Electronics PMS: The Unkept Promise"
LT T.C. Schelin
Electronics Officer in USS Enterprise (CVAN-65)


George Theis said...

Mike, Having eliminated G-40 many years ago, deciding to disestablish the CTM rating and then cut all maintenance training to the bone (including totally killing the FSCM coure) our leadership has clearly demonstrated how much they value maintenace support. Need I say more? George Theis

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

There are two factors here that stand out to me; when did the Commanding Officer of any combatant Navy vessel not be greatly concerned about any condition concerning his ships combat capabilities. Where do you find an officer that might say these words about the Commanding Officer and his job?