Friday, October 29, 2010

Save the date - 11 March 2011

Celebrating Our Community History and Heritage

Leaders, request widest dissemination to our IWO/CT Community, civilian and military, Active, Reserve, and retired.

As you know, we have an extraordinarily rich history and heritage and to recognize that, I want to celebrate our Community anniversary.  On 11 March 1935, the "Communications Security Group" was established.  While Naval Cryptology had been at work for many years, this date marks the birth of our Community, the first use of the term "Group" to describe us as a unified whole.

Next year is our 76th anniversary.  I have asked CAPTs Stephanie Keck and Brian Johnston to co-sponsor a celebration in Hampton Roads.  Save the date:  11 March 2011.

Much more to follow.  All the best and enjoy the weekend, 

Rear Admiral Edward H. Deets III
Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command

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LCDR Bob Morrison said...

Sounds like a neat idea. Keep us ORF types posted. Hopefully somebody will come up with a contact point or web site where we can "check in".