Thursday, October 7, 2010

In Digital Age, Does Handwriting Still Matter?

A writer for the Wall Street Journal thinks so. 

By Gwendolyn Bounds

In a WSJ story, they talk about new research showing how handwriting helps with learning letters and shapes, can improve idea composition and expression and may even aid fine motor skill development.

Even adults can benefit from the practice when studying new graphically different languages - such as Chinese — or symbols in sciences such as chemistry. Some physicians say it could help keep our minds sharp as we age.

Have you noticed a decline in your penmanship or are you concerned about your child’s writing? How much time does your kid spend handwriting each week versus typing on a keyboard or handheld device? Do you think handwriting matters in the digital age?


Sean Heritage said...

Timing could not have been better. I went to my 2nd Graders Parent/Teacher Conference today and the only shortcoming (I see the two as being singular) the teacher chose to highlight was his penmanship and written communication skills. I see his poor writing as an obstacle to written communication. Question I am pondering is do I force him to overcome that obstacle and risk him shutting down in the short term or facilitate his ability to communicate verbally and give him a temporary bye on writing? Clearly rhetorical. In the long run, I believe that penmanship matters. Every card I receive from you is meaningful but even more so because of your excellent penmanship. Though I write, I do need to make penmanship a priority.

General Quarters said...

The more rare a thing, the more highly it is valued. Give your children a gift of great value.

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

In the vernacular of many today "been there done that", as I do not take pen in hand much today, but still am able to so when required. It is my opinion that rather than thinking of Chinese shapes of letters and words we should stress teaching things of the future that have actually been with us for many years and will continue to advance technology for untold years to come. I speak of the lowly digital computer that has changed so many things in our lives and will continue to do so. Most individuals that I am aware of have no knowledge whatsoever about how this device operates in the performance of what it is required to do. This machine is an integral part of most of our lives and our educational system should make more of an attempt to bring our school children up to speed on digital computer concepts and the theory of operation of the computer. All that is required is to learn the digital gates which are primarily the AND gate, the OR gate, the NAND gate and the NOR gate. And working up to building from simple to complex logic circuits. Learning to draw these gates and understand the mathematics involved with logic gates would benefit the children of this country, this exercise would be as fruitful as learning Chinese letters. The WSJ is not known to be subversive but this article is suggestive of something that could be replaced by many real American ideas rather than kowtow to those ideas of a nation that has been hostile to our nation for most of my life, and yours as well.

Very Respectfully,