Monday, October 18, 2010

CNO Guidance for 2011

An excerpt...

Achieve Decision Superiority.

The establishment of the Deputy CNO for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6) and FLTCYBERCOM/C10F has elevated the role of information, cyber, space, and networks in our operations and investments. These organizations are supported by an Information Dominance Corps consisting of more than 45,000 Sailors and civilians from our existing intelligence, information professional, information warfare, meteorology/oceanography, and space communities. We have made significant progress in the information domain in the last year. I will continue to press in this area to ensure our networks and architectures are agile, responsive, and secure; that we are capable of leveraging information in all environments; and that we no longer limit our thinking to “information in warfare,” but fully develop the concept of “information as warfare.”
Way Ahead:
  • We will evolve Navy networks toward a model that is agile, relevant, secure and cost effective, while ensuring a seamless transition from NMCI to the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN).
  • We will designate TENTH Fleet as our Cyber Claimant, BSO 60C, and give it the financial authorities necessary to quickly shift financial resources to combat the rapidly evolving cyber threat.
  • We will invest to enhance our ability to operate in anti-access, communications-denied environments.
  • We will institutionalize and mature the Information Dominance Corps and build its reputation as an elite cyber force.
The full text of Chief of Naval Operations Guidance for 2011 (CNOG 2011) is HERE.

CNO refers to the 2010 DoD Quadrennial Review which is available HERE.

Quadrennial Review Independent Panel Review Report is HERE.

CNO's Navy Vision for Confronting Irregular Challenges is HERE.

Navy's Total Force Vision for the 21st Century is HERE.


Anonymous said...


Can you explain what BSO 60C means?


Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

BSO = Budget Submitting Office (usually a major claimant).

I'm not sure about 60C. It may just be the next available number.

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

For example:

Fleet Forces Command (USFFC) Budget Submitting Office (BSO)-60/70

Anonymous said...

Information Dominance Corps consisting of more than 45,000 Sailors and civilians ? 45,000?? And, how are we going to pay for it? Add it to the deficit? And what is truly being delivered to the taxpayer? How is it information dominance when there seems to be a lack of recognition that the budget is the greatest threat to national security? The Pentagon's annual budget is nearly $1 trillion - half the world's total military spending. Yet, there is no plan or will in Washington to cut military spending even when the deficit has gone completely out of control. Ironically, this trillion dollar military budget is not raised by taxes, as it should be, but borrowed from China.The reality is that the world's greatest naval power is also the world's biggest debtor, floating on an ocean of debt.